What are the Top 5 Urban Boots/Shoes for men? Veldskoen

Descriptions and history of high-fashion boots that should be a MUST HAVE for every man.

The modern man needs to have a few items in his wardrobe that should be non-negotiable – this includes a list of ‘high- fashion’ and well-known boots. It’s common knowledge that no man can go wrong with coordinating an outfit with a pair of trendy boots, whatever the weather and whatever the occasion. If you are shopping for yourself or your significant other, this list is all you’ll need!

The Wingtip Brogue Boot

A rather interesting looking boot, which originated from Ireland and Scotland. Similar to most footwear styles and brands, the boots were designed and made to fit the terrain and weather conditions. The ‘brogue’, which was coined from the Gaelic term “bróg” – consisted of a perforated design, which aimed at draining the excess moisture from the shoe. If one were live in the cold and wet countryside of Ireland and Scotland, this boot was a necessity – now the ‘dress boot’ is one of the most well-known and iconic accessories in the world of men’s fashion.

The Wingtip Brogue Boot

Maftei Full Brogue Oxford in tan with steel tips side view by Claymoorslist

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The Oxford

Not unlike other styles of shoes, the ‘Oxford’ first emerged onto the footwear scene in the UK. The well-known men’s shoe had many names worldwide but gained the official name from the word ‘Oxonian’, a half-boot that seemed to be a popular shoe of choice at Oxford University – especially during the year 1800. The feature that distinguishes ‘the Oxford’ from other styles, is the lacing system. This particular style of shoe has a ‘closed lace system’, which means that the eyelets are attached UNDER the vamp/front of the shoe.

 The oxford shoe

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The Chukka Boot

‘Chukka’ was first derived in the UK, from the sport of polo – a ‘chukka’ was the term given to the period of play in the game. The boot is known as a ‘casual’ option, but the array of materials lends toward the shoe being extremely versatile and suitable for any occasion. Once again, what makes the shoe a ‘chukka’, has to do with the ‘lacing’ of the shoe. Chukka boots have short laces, as well as a limited number of eyelets – two to three to be exact.  According to folk lore the Veldskoen was the original Chukka Boot 

The year was 1941, and the soldier, well he wasn't just any infantryman, he was Nathan Clark, and he'd been sent to war with two missions. First and foremost to protect his country, and, secondly, to discover some new shoe designs for his family's company. As a member of the Eighth Army, Clark had been deployed to Burma, and it was here that he noticed that the officers in his formation were wearing these strange, sand colored chukkas during their downtime. Clark investigated the shoes and learned that they had originally been commissioned to Cairo cobblers by South African soldiers whose old-military issue boots had failed them out on the desert terrain. They wanted something that was both lightweight and grippy which led to creation of a boot with a suede upper on a crepe sole.

— Jake Gallagher, GQ, August 15, 2012[13]

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The Chelsea Boot

Unlike the rest of the boots in this list, Chelsea boots are slip-on boots and therefore do not contain a lace system at all. The boot became especially popular during the 1960s, as they were worn by the likes of the ‘mods’– a rebellion group that emerged after the war, when men no longer had to be soldiers and officers. It can be said that the ankle boots with elastic side panels became a catalyst for change in the world of men’s fashion. The timing of the emergence, as well as the overall look of the Chelsea boot, lends to a rather ‘sexy’ look.


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The Veldskoen Boot

As the saying goes, we’ve “saved the best till last”. The Veldskoen boot made its mark in the 1950’s with the Clark’s – an adaptation of the shoe that spawned the category; veldskoeneor ‘velle. The ‘veldskoen boot’ or ‘field shoe’ was noticed on the feet of the Khoisan people by the Dutch colonialists in the 17th century. The style of shoe then appeared again in Cairo as the commissioned boot of choice for soldiers, as it could withstand the harsh terrain of the desert. However, it was VELDSKOEN that reimagined the iconic shoe and injected some color into the shoes – an element which brought the shoes to life and reflected the rainbow nation that is South Africa.


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If you have these boots, you’re set – the world is your oyster. Anything is possible when you’re wearing the right shoes!

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