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Veldskoen quite literally means “Field Shoe” in Afrikaans. One of the eleven National Languages in South Africa. If you have problems saying Veldskoen the English speakers in South Africa call them Vellies and seems to be a lot easier to roll off the tongue.

Veldskoen are Vellies. Vellies is a nick name. Veldskoen are South African national treasure and have been around for as long as many people can remember so there are all sorts of awesome nicknames for them. Ask any South African and they will have a great story about their Vellies

Sizing is uniform if you unsure about what size to get we recommend contacting us at we will be happy to put you on the right path and get you the very best fit. Please keep in mind that leather forms and molds to your foot like no other shoe material. After a week or so of wear they will become an extension of your foot.

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Your Vellies may take a week or two of wear to break in and conform to your feet. Once they do they become an extension to your feet

Our Veldskoen are handmade by master craftsmen and women in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa in Ethical factory in a region that is known for its shoe manufacture throughout the world. We visit our factories Often and we have a good relationship with them

Veldskoen are made from 100% genuine African raw hide leather cut from one hide. Did you know not all leather is created the same? In many cases, it is made of a mix of different leather compressed to form one piece, Think chip-board this is to get a uniform look to a shoe. Veldskoen are made the same way they were 100 years ago, Think a beautiful piece of oak. Therefore in some cases the hide varies very slightly in shade from one shoe to the other and each piece is 100% unique to you. It will not wear down, crack or fall apart and will outlast pretty much any other shoe material.  

Veldskoen are made for the bush, they are designed to walk miles in dust and mud, spend days plowing fields and generally take whatever’s thrown at them. They require very little cleaning and care as the the leather is a naturally water and dirt repellant. We advise using a suede brush to clean every once in a while. Don’t wash them with water. If they do get wet let dry naturally the old way. Scrunch newspaper into balls and stuff inside to hurry the dry process. Once dry, place on feet and continue your day.  We suggest wearing them like they have been worn for centuries.


Yes you can and we recommend getting funky with the colors mix match and mix again create your own style 


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