What makes for the ideal ‘office shoe’? Here are a few reasons why Veldskoen shoes would be the obvious choice.

Boring work wear is out 

I remember as a kid my Dad getting dressed for work in a 3 piece suite much like the men in Madmen. Can you, for a second, imagine walking into an advertising agency in 2019 and everybody is dresses in suit and tie?  The working world,  has evolved over the years – the dress code and work attire have also come leaps and bounds from where it used to be. Say goodbye to boring black and white color schemes and shiny, blinding black shoes.

The gig economy and working from anywhere are a thing of the present

The nature of the ‘office world’ is changing because it is no longer a stagnant lifestyle. We are moving away from working nine to five jobs in small, constrained cubicles. The ‘office’ lifestyle these days is very much on the go and fluid; a concrete office, if necessary, is purely used as a hub for communication amongst colleagues and a space to host meetings. In order to fit in with the new and emerging ‘office culture’, you will need the perfect pair of shoes, for no look is complete without a pair of statement shoes.

The new workers dress code is whatever you want it to be 

In terms of migrating away from the norm and moving towards a new era of wonder and adventure, a specific South African shoe brand comes to mind, which stands for that exact mantra and way of life – it’s Veldskoen of course! Made from the signature rawhide leather, the rich brown color of shoes immediately moves away from the standard ‘black shoe’ office attire. Brown shoes are on trend, in both the corporate and casual world. Paired with a navy suit or jeans and a white Tee Shirt , Veldskoen never disappoints.

Expand your work wardrobe 

Seeing as the working world is shifting away from confined spaces and adopted a more ‘on-the-go’ approach; it is of vital importance to ensure you have a pair of those ‘go-to’ comfortable shoes on hand. The beauty with Veldskoen is that the shoes get more comfortable as the years go by; not only does time add character to the shoes, but over time the rawhide material begins to mold to the shape of your foot – it’s more of a slipper really!


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