Veldskoen the Boots To Wear In Summer And Winter

A pair of shoes to keep all year round? SIGN US UP! Check out why Veldskoen can be worn in Summer, Winter and the seasons in between.

There’ nothing worse than clearing your closet to make room for the next season. To make your life a little easier, always ensure you have a few items that can be worn all year round – this will save you from the hassle of reorganizing EVERYTHING, and it’s a lot easier on the wallet!

HandMade for comfort

Whether you are hiking the mountains to find the best rock pools or trudging through the snow, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Veldskoen. It is not often that a pair of shoes can be this versatile.

My new “vellies” with natty blue rubber soles and matching laces are Urban J-Bays [and] did such a great job for me last week, the company might consider changing that to Davos Ice Crushers.” – Alec Hogg.



Veldskoen shoes have a ‘heritage’ range that has a shoe for every occasion, whatever the weather. The grey and black soles can be worn on those cold, rainy days and the loud colors exude Summer. That’s not to say you can’t bring some brightness to gloom and wear your boldest pair of Veldskoen. The rich, brown color of the rawhide leather compliments any outfit – for both men and women!

Fashion trends have evolved and will continue to do so. It was considered a crime to wear closed shoes with ‘summer’ attire. Nowadays it’s considered a bold fashion statement to wear a pair of closed shoes with knee-length shorts or a summer dress. Being in line with the fashion world and ‘bold statements’, there’s no doubt that Veldskoen would feature here.

As Veldskoen is global, it’s fitting that the shoes can be worn in the most extreme weather conditions – where ever you may be! The shoes were crafted to be worn in the desert terrains, but as quoted above – even snowy conditions are no match for Veldskoen.

So, where ever you are and whatever season you’re in – go and get yourself a pair of Veldskoen. You will always have a trusty pair of shoes to wear year round!

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