Tayla Jane Veldskoen (For her)

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- Sustainably sourced
- Extremely comfortable
- Breathable, hydrophobic leather
- Made in South Africa

Men choose M size and Women choose W sizing

Tayla Jane Veldskoen

We do not recommend sizing down for our Tayla Jane Veldskoen, make sure you shop the correct size here.

Be your fierce self. Embrace your spirit. Feel confident in your own skin. Let them hear you roar.

This is the Tayla Jane Veldskoen.

  • Fully leather lined with genuine leather uppers and hydrophobic finish
  • Strong TPR sole
  • Versatile female fashion
  • Comes with two sets of laces. (Oatmeal and dusty pink)

VELDSKOEN loves working with innovative local brands.

Tayla Jane McCurdy is a South African wildlife ranger and television presenter with a passion for wildlife, storytelling, and empowering women. In a male-dominated industry, she wanted to design something specifically for women. Feminine, practical, and comfortable the Tayla Jane Range of Sophisticated Safari Wear was born.

We love Tayla‚ commitment to educating people about South Africa‚ precious wildlife and the vivacious spirit of her adventures. Who more fitting, to be the partner for Veldskoen‚first-ever women‚ shoe!

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