Ambassador Stories: Legendary South Africans Series an Interview with fabled story Teller Rob Caskie

Rob Caskie Story Teller  • Keynote Speaker  • Cultural Guide

Taking your time is the essence of Rob Caskie

Veldskoen is about taking your time. Unfortunately, In the Information Age that we currently find ourselves in, we are bombarded with information from every angle; and where breaking a story in the quickest time possible is more important than the quality of the content, the art of story-telling is increasingly a rare commodity.

Turning information into a narrative 

But Rob Caskie is one of the few people still around who is able to turn information into a captivating, heartfelt narrative. He first found his passion for telling stories whilst still at university.

"I traveled extensivly through Africa by motor bike"

“I did a huge amount of traveling on my motorbike into various parts of Africa, almost always on my own. Upon returning to university, there was always a group of students who wanted to hear about my experiences on these trips. Over time, that group grew and grew. Unbeknown to me, I was developing a reputation, in their minds, as a storyteller,” says Rob.

Being a professional story Teller 

A professional story-teller, keynote speaker, and cultural guide, Rob specializes in stories about the Anglo-Zulu war and Antarctic expeditions, in particular, preferring to be an “expert in a few fields rather than a generalist in many”.

Moving to The Midlands to tell stories

Fellow student Graeme Smythe was part of Rob’s group of story enthusiasts, who eventually went on to become the curator of Rorke’s Drift Museum in the Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. In 2000, when a renowned South African historian, David Rattray, was looking for somebody to assist him with storytelling on the Anglo-Zulu Battlefields, Smythe - a friend of Rattray’s - recommended Rob, who also learned to speak Zulu as a child.

A growing interest in the Zulu warrior of the past

“I was always interested in history at school and then serving with Zulu troops in my national service reinforced my interest in their warrior past,” says Rob. As well as the Anglo-Zulu War, Rob’s talks also include stories about Antarctic expeditions, which he is very passionate about. The recent centenaries of South Pole exploration made it an obvious extension of his storytelling.

"Traveling to Antartica has always been a dream"

“I have always wanted to go to Antarctica but travel to the continent is outrageously expensive. My only option was to offer quality storytelling and be invited to go along as a staff member and part of an expedition team.” “I think storytelling goes where most analysis fails, i.e. to the heart and mind rather than the brain. As human beings, I believe we have an innate desire to be carried along via the power of a story well-told. With the entertainment overload present in society today, I believe pure storytelling is more important and appealing than ever.”

Rob is a VELDSKOEN™ ambassador and is taking the iconic South African Shoe all over the world, along with his stories. Rob, we’re glad to have you on board!

He wears the Pinotage   

Read more about Rob on his website 

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