Energy. That is the first word that comes to mind when you meet Nicole. As part of our VELDSKOEN™ Stories series, we spent some time with Nicole in Cape Town, and even managed to get her to join our first fashion shoot. 

Nicole is one of our favorite people. She is humble, hard working, giving and, most importantly, she affects South Africa in a positive way. Her resume is, simply put, amazing. The highlights being her participation in the Learning Journey program in China, her studies at the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development, and recently,  a Youth Advisory board member for Young Global Pioneers.

"I am a young South African that strongly believes that I am here to live a life in service of others and that if I am able to help someone, or my community, that it is my responsibility to do so. My ambition and drive come from believing that I can be more than what I was born into and not be a statistic. I want to be an example to the thousands that still live in the township, and be the demonstration of possibilities, through hard work and dedication," says Nicole.

VELDSKOEN™ is so proud to have Nicole on board as one of our ambassadors. She will be working with VELDSKOEN™ to seek out opportunities for us to help in improving the lives of less privileged South Africans. 

Nicole, thanks for your time, and effort. It's so good to have you as part of the family.


Take some time to learn more about Nicole by clicking on the links below. 

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