Cleaning Instructions

After wearing your VELDSKOEN for a while, they will undoubtedly become a bit dirty, but luckily, it’s easier to clean suede than most people realise.

We are planning on bringing out a VELDKSKOEN™ cleaning kit but until then, please refer to the instructions below to ensure your VELDSKOEN stay looking as new as they did on the day you bought them.

  1. We recommend that before you put your new VELDSKOEN™ on for the first time, spray them with a suede protector, like Scotchgard™, which will protect your new shoes against water and repel stains.
  1. If you have managed to get some dirt on them, however, first, give them a brush to remove any residue dirt. Since the suede we use to manufacture VELDSKOEN™ is short suede, we recommend using a wire brush. Although, the harder the bristles, the more carefully you should brush.
  1. Once you have done this, you can try and remove any marks with a wet softer-bristled brush.
  1. If the stains persist, try using a suede and nuback cleaner.